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thin_within's Journal

Thin Within
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this is a community with the purpose of following the Thin Within - How To Eat and Live Like a Thin Person "program" by Judy Wardell. this is not a diet. the idea is basically that if you can think yourself fat, ie fretting and compulsively overeating, yo-yo dieting, etc., that you can also think yourself thin. it is a life change, as is any "successful diet" (of which there are few and far between). only, rather than basing this change on a certain set of foods, it's based on your mentality about food.

-eat only when you're hungry
-eat only the foods you really love
-stop eating before you're completely full

as the maintainer of this community, i will be posting each day's information and exercises. as a member, feel free to ask questions, post your experiences, any extra information you might find, etc. i'm "doing" this as a member as well. we all have stumbles and self-sabotaging moments. the point is to not quit or beat yourself up. every day is new.

Unfortunately, in my research of updated information, I have found that Judy Wardell is now Judy Wardell Halliday, and has written a new series of eating disorder literature based in religion and the Bible. I have not had an opportunity to look these over yet, however, we will not be covering any specific religious approach in this community. While I personally can see the potential for that approach to work for Christians, and also the potential for it to work for non-Christians and athiest by translating the ideas to another psychological level, we will not be touching on such a sensitive and controversial area in this community, at least not initially. If this takes off, maybe further down the road we could go there, but for now I'd just like to start with the basics of Thin Within. Thanks, selfserve - your maintainer.