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sorry i flaked out on maintaining this community. if you're still interested in being a part of it, i'm going to try to fire it up again. if not, it'll just be my little Thin Within journal.


i'm just fucking tired of watching millions and millions of people flock to the latest diets trends in the same attempt to lose weight. and we all know they don't work - but we want that hope, that promise, that THIS time will be different. the MAJORITY of people who have tried, or will try, whatever new diet, be it atkins, south beach, dr. phil, WHATEVER, will FAIL. and the majority of those who SUCCEED, will fail to KEEP the weight off. this is simply HOW it is, PERIOD. and why? because we will always go back to chocolate, ice cream, cheese, bread, croissants, coffee with full-fat cream, whatever. the thing with thin within that always appealed to me is it's acknowledgement of this fact. the whole premise is that if you listen to yourself and learn to love yourself and stop beating yourself up and waiting to live until you're thin, and putting off life as punishment for your fat, if you put yourself in the now and find peace and self-awareness and kindness, you can learn to enjoy fine eating and stop bingeing and subsequently abusing your body and gaining weight.

the problem i have, is that i suck at structure. and even the thin within book has a structure you're supposed to follow, little food logs and whatnot to train yourself to eat with awareness and not binge on crap. i guess i could make something for my pda... hmmmmmmmm. maybe if i do that i'll email it to anyone who wants one. if anyone even bothers reading this. haha.

well, the one thing i'm really excited about is that my life is about to change in a huge way. i'm about to leave my sedentary lifestyle of my office job and go back to work as a piano technician, where i move around a lot, and get daylight and fresh air and don't take my work home with me, and and AND i have a flexible work schedule so that i can go to the gym in the mornings when my baby goes off to his job, before i get going to work. i am really looking forward to this. oh, friday, you can't get here fast enough!
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